Monday, January 19, 2015

Have You Been to the New House?

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I'm still in the process of managing all of the nuts & bolts that go along with this transition to Motley Turtle Arts.  I've had some glitches pop up:   the cable box my husband uses went out, I dropped my iPhone 6 Plus and it died (fortunately that turned out to be a hardware issue), the coffee pot brewed its last pot of coffee...nothing earth shattering but distracting and time consuming.

A note to email subscribers:

For those of you who are subscribers to blog updates via email, I will be moving those to a new service as well (eventually).  I intend to move you along with me when I do.  If you'd prefer not to receive these emails, please unsubscribe or send your wishes via email to syda the motley turtle and I will be sure you are not placed on the new list.  No hard feelings.

If you use Bloglovin' to keep up with your favorites, you can follow Motley Turtle Arts here.

I appreciate your love and support and hope you will visit me in my new home.

Meanwhile, a new post is up at Motley Turtle Arts.  I'm tearing apart and releasing all of my hand written journals.  You can read about it here.  I've shared a little bit about it on Instagram and Facebook but felt the need to share a little more.

Happy, Tuesday!  Have a beautiful week!! Write new stories. Make new memories. Create more art!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Change is the Only Constant

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I was one of those folks who was always resistant to change.  Didn't like it. No way. No how. Then I became one of those folks who wanted nothing but change.  I wanted my circumstances to change, the people in my life to change, the world to change. There are a lot of days when I have felt stuck in a rut not realizing that I was the one creating the rut.

I'm not what one would call a great blogger. By that I mean consistent.  When I blog it's on a whim. I don't plan. Perhaps I should.

Perhaps I should. 

I'm resistant to schedules. I've tried making a schedule for myself in past years and always feel like utter crap when I don't live up to them. Maybe it's because I tried to schedule 6 mile runs at five in the morning.  :)  So...other than getting my daughter to and from school, the occasional doctor or hair appointment I resist setting anything down in ink.

Perhaps I should use a pencil?


Recently I have felt the need to change how I do things. Change how I think of certain things. Gently guide myself into writing down some actual goals, taking a baby step towards a goal and writing it all down in my planner. I am beginning to think that I need a little bit of a schedule, an actionable routine.

I came up with Kreative Notions sometime back.  2008?  I have been resistant to letting it go. The vision I had when I started this blog no longer speaks to me.  Perhaps it never did which is why that initial spark never broke out into a fire. I have learned so much over the years and have started doing things in my art that I never imagined.  I've also learned a few things about myself and have come to a place where I can embrace these things and give myself permission to be them.

Changes are a coming.  I've created a logo and chosen a new name for  The transition will take place over time as there is much to do (all that paperwork and red tape within the county, city and state).  Initially you will see this within the social networks:  IG, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I am also preparing a brand new blog.  In essence this will be the final post here other than to guide you to the new site when it's up and running.

Oh! You want to know what it is?

First let me share that I have an affinity for turtles.  When I was a growing up I had a friend whose father called me "Myrtle the Turtle."  I never really liked that nickname, but not too many years later they moved across the country to return when I was a teenager.  It was a huge surprise to walk in from school one day and hear, "Hey there Myrtle the Turtle!"  I was really very happy to see them! But I asked, "Don't you think I'm getting a bit too old for you to be calling me Myrtle the Turtle?"

"Nope. You'll always be Myrtle the Turtle to me." {followed by warm hugs}

Not to long later they moved back across country and we lost touch with them.  My friend's parents played a huge role in my childhood life and as I grew into adulthood I began remembering the gifts they left in my heart. It was then that I became attached to turtles. They have become one of my totems. Representing how I live, love and work....slowly and internally.  I am an introvert.

Needless to say, I collect turtles (as well as dragonflies--but that's another story).  A multi-color, doodled turtle was necessary for this change.  The name has taken a few turns as I strolled around the inter-webs seeing if anyone else was using the name and a few were. All good things though. I finally came upon the one that spoke to me.

Okay. Here you go!  

What ya' think?  I hope you will join me in the New Year at Motley Turtle Arts, follow me (Blog Lovin', Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and share this new journey with me. I will also be offering updates by email. I'll share links and more info as it comes together early in the year.

with bushels of joY & gratitude,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Art Loft Tour, 2014

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I recently made the time to clean my play room up enough to shoot some video and give you a little tour of my space.  It amazes me sometimes how much stuff I have crammed into this rather small space and I didn't take the time to open every nook and cranny.  Just imagine every drawer and canvas cubby full of stuff.  What stuff?  All kinds of stuff that I'll let you use your imagination to fill.

My art island and my computer desk are both standing work stations.  I do not function well sitting down.  Both are painted plywood atop cube storage systems.  My, um, writing desk, is a sitting desk and was the first desk I painted.  Usually it is home to piles and projects in waiting.  It's an old scrapbooking desk that had seen its share of goo.

Above my six and half foot bookcases is my wall of inspiration.  I still have some room to add a bit more and fully intend on doing so.  Beaded wire hangs along both sides, with shorter strands on one of the walls and across one of the bookcases to hold cards, gifts and special words from friends.  Some of the art hanging are works in progress and some are art journal pages from friends waiting for the journal to return from its travels.

And all that wash tape.  Yeah, that's not all of it.  :)

So here we go.  This was my very first venture into the world of iMovie.  I'm sure eventually I'll get the hang of it.  I actually think I did a pretty good job considering I had no idea what in the universe I was doing.  :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Rest assured it's not clean anymore.  LOL.

Have a great day!!