Monday, March 10, 2008

Be Different

It's okay to be different: distinct, individual, diverse. I think too often we try to conform, to be what other people want us to be, to do what they want us to do, to live up to some one else's expectations. Truth is, you can't make anyone else happy and they'll never be happy with you if they aren't happy with themselves. Too often, I think, we judge each other, and forget that we are all connected--like the petals of a rose, like the blooms on a bush. We all create the Universe that we live in. We all, each one of us, has a part in the whole. We all have the power to ever so gently impact another beings experience.

Think about it. No two roses are identical. Their petals are distinct, they bloom independently, they express different colors, grow to different sizes, yet as you walk down the street you still appreciate the beauty and perfection of the whole bush without passing judgment on each individual bloom.

Appreciate your differences.

Respect diversity.

Enjoy individualism.

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