Monday, October 27, 2008

The Process

I love the creative process...when it's working. Every creative being knows the empty, drab feeling of being blocked. Some people are blocked completely and do not even consider themselves creative. I am creative. I'm also my own worst enemy...a perfectionist. I find it very difficult to the let the juices of creativity simmer, bubble and thicken when there is laundry to clean and dishes to wash. When the floors need sweeping, the furniture dusting and the tub needs scrubbing. When the dogs need feeding, the weeds need trimming and bills need paying. The seeds of creative ideas are set aside, then left to be nurtured and watered another day. You know what they say..."Tomorrow never comes." So we just have to throw something out there, up there, in there and see what happens. The great thing about creative ideas, thoughts and projects is that if it turns out you don't like them, you can edit them. Sometimes you can even scrap them altogether and give life to something entirely new. Art is the greatest recycler.

I don't know what this blog is meant to become, but today I recycled old entries and gave birth to new ones. It's a process and I'm still learning how to navigate myself through it. I have to acknowledge myself for taking this big, brave leap...putting my creativity out there. You may not find it suits your taste, but maybe you know someone it will appeal to. I'm here to learn, to share, to express, to create and to offer to the world all that I have...nothing less. There is no right or wrong; yes or no. Art is not all black and white. It is colorful and varied. Art is an idea, a notion, a thought that is brought to life by the heart of the artist who creates it. I am the artist of this site. I hope something...a photo, a word, a notion...inspires you to become your own artist, to tickle your own dreams and to define your own goals. I hope it leads you to ask questions and gently push you towards your own answers.

I love the creative process...when it's working.

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