Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Being Featured!

I was recently informed that my poem, "They Think" (written in 1994 and published on Writing.com in 2007) has been chosen to be featured in the upcoming edition of the Writing.com Spiritual Newsletter. Following is the review I received from the editor and the poem itself.


Hello Syda

I am reviewing your poem "They Think"

This is a well-worded and strong poem with a powerful and timely message. It is a poem of one desiring freedom from the judgments and labels that others have attached to her. It is a poem that cries out for others to see deeper, more compassionately. A nicely written poem.

I will feature this in the January 21st edition of the Writing.com Spiritual Newsletter.


And now, "They Think"

Why doesn’t anyone care about
Who I am inside
Why do they judge and assume
They know the answers why

They think I’m so predictable
That they know me inside out
Yet they have not a clue
About my growing doubts

Nor do they see the gap
From which my doubts appear
The fields that my mind sows
In excruciating fear

They know not where I come from
Nor the roads that I have crossed
The bridges that have flooded
Within my shattered heart

The dignity that was stolen
Before my rage stepped in
The child I once was
With dreams and joy within

Why doesn’t anyone recognize
The times that I have tried
To change my pitiful ways
And not give up the fight

© Copyright 2007 Sydah (UN: skriblersyd at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. Sydah has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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