Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Altered Imagery

The original photograph and my latest mistaek. :)

I am not 100% satisfied with this altered image...what do you think? While I do acknowledge that I am still learning and playing and enjoying myself, it is the "text box" that leads me away from satisfaction. My daughter and husband are very impressed. Me, I've got that inner critic tossing doubt at me left and right.

As with a previous endeavor...I used a piercing tool to outline, highlight and add texture. I used a black Souffle pen and my own hand to add the text. The final step was to add a little red and yellow water color. I discovered this technique in a book titled The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery by Karen Michel. I love the concept! There is also something quite gratifying and therapeutic about destroying a photograph to give it a fresh life as something entirely new and transformed.

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  1. [...] my Chizzel-it too! I am extremely happy with this creation…compared to the one I posted on June 17th. It’s the same original photograph, I simply chose to listen to myself more closely [...]


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