Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remember "Cootie-Catchers"?

I was reminded of "cootie-catchers" several months ago when my daughter came home with one she'd made at school with her friends. I decided to make one that could be used as a small gift; putting my own twist on it. Rather than the silly things we used to fill these with when I was a girl, I decided to make one that was uplifting and inspirational.

1. You are a magical being of light. Let it shine.

2. You are talented and gifted. Share yourself.

3. Give thanks. Gratitude is the answer.

4. Don't forget to take time to play.

5. Treat yourself as you wish to be treated.

6. Create your own options. You have the choice.

7. Don't take anything personally.

8. You are an important part of the Universe!

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