Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waking Up - Dillon Beach, CA

Sarah followed behind her husband for one-hundred-twenty miles as their family made their way to Dillon Beach on the northern coast of the California shoreline south of Bodega Bay. It was the middle of July 2007 when they decided to escape the Valley's summer heat and find themselves surrounded by a thick marine layer.

Sarah was immediately struck by a lone bench resting in the sand. It seemed to reflect how she felt--small, insignificant, powerless. Was it standing its ground? Did it have something to prove? She could hear the ocean waves crashing upon the shore. She knew the Pacific was there because she could feel its vast power and strength pushing her back as the sea breeze blew through her hair and she inhaled the moist, salty sea air.

As the sun began to carve its way through the thick morning fog, Sarah realized that the waves of the Pacific were not crashing upon the shore, it was not pushing her back, but instead lapping at her feet, begging her to embrace it and allow its vast power and strength to lift her it had the lone bench that remained nestled in the sand; not standing its ground, it had nothing to prove, but committed to its purpose because it knew that the vastness of the Pacific only existed because it did.

Sarah returned home that day knowing that no matter how small she believed herself to be in this vast Universe--The Universe would not exist without her.

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