Monday, October 19, 2009

Season of Gratitude

It is almost Halloween, 2009; however, in our house when autumn hits, it's all about Thanksgiving.

I began making Thanksgiving cards a few years ago. It is the Season of Gratitude and I wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who touches my life and the lives of my daughter and husband. No matter our status in life, our current situation, our dilemmas and our headaches...we all have something to be grateful for. While we should extend our gratitude to the people around us; our friends and loved ones, The Universe...we often fail to do so until Thanksgiving arrives.

I love autumn. It is, perhaps, my favorite time of year. There's something about the chill in the autumn air, with a new school year in the works, that brings a sense of new beginnings arising from the ashes of our lost summer thoughts. There's hope and renewal. There's gratitude. I may not have every material thing I want, but I have family and friends, a husband who works hard to take care of our finances, a daughter who constantly makes my dreams come true and I wake up every day to a new sunrise and the opportunity to make a new choice. As do all of you.

I realize that not everyone is having an easy go of it. People have lost their jobs, their homes, their hope. If you can; give. If you can not; receive. We're all in this together. We're all connected. We all need something to be grateful for. Express your gratitude by giving to those who may not see that they have something to be grateful for. Give them something to be grateful for.

The above photo of my 2009 Thanksgiving card is in progress. I've created them with Recollections Spice Market card stock, Stampin' Up!'s Voila Stamp Set(chef),Voila To Go Stamp Set (pie), and Define Your Life Stamp Set (gratitude: n. Cause of happiness or joy. Expressing appreciation for something or someone.). Each stamp is embossed with Garnet or Carnelian embossing powder and a square cutout made with a Marvy square punch is trimmed with a piece of ribbon I purchased at Michael's. I used a stamp from Inkadinkadoon the inside of card that reads: "Happy Thanksgiving."

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