Friday, October 23, 2009

Where Did That Come From? (a few more details)

Trust yourself first
the Universe will follow

The voice
it is you
the questions, and the answers

Trust the order
and the chaos
Allow for the healing

Remember your experience
is yours for the keeping.

Many people have trust issues.  The idea being that they cannot trust "them."  In reality we have to trust ourselves first.  We have to trust that no matter what anyone else may say or do to us, we will be okay.  We are enough.  We can handle anything that comes our way.  Just as it is said that you cannot truly love another until you love cannot trust another until you trust yourself.  Trust yourself!  The Universe will follow.

When purchasing this journal, you have the option to pick from four different styles:  blank, dot grid, lined college-ruled, or a task journal.

This flower holds multiple meanings for me, but it struck me recently that it was filled with possibility.  I have no idea what kind of flower it is.  It is merely a miracle I found in the backyard one day some eight years ago.  I manipulated the photo with an artistic effect and added "explore the possibilities."

There are so many opportunities and possibilities available to us if only we would slow down long enough to hear the knock on the door.  We have the choice to create our life, our world, any way we'd like...but we have to listen and explore the possibilities.  Show up.  Be prepared.  Explore.  Opportunity will come.

This graphic is available on a T-shirt, water bottle and the keepsake box pictured above (also available in Mahogany).

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