Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Vision

Fifteen years ago I found myself in a very dark place.  I had recently re-entered therapy and was reading a book geared towards victims of molestation (my apologies, I do not recall the name of the book).  I came upon a very interesting exercise—make a collage.

I gathered together whatever magazines I could and began to cut away.  I decided that Time was a significant factor to my healing process.  I’m an impatient person and being in my late 20’s I had grown more and more impatient with myself and the healing process—or what I considered a lack of healing.  I had some time off from work and spent every moment of it sifting through magazines to cut out every word that represented every bad feeling I’d ever had.  I labeled and named those who had become negative influences in my life.  At the same time I included words that represented the good feelings I wanted to have and the names of individuals who had touched my life in a positive way.   The good and the bad, the positive and the negative were separated by Time.

In creating the collage, I decided I had to give myself permission to take the time I needed in order to grasp the healing process and allow it to flow through me.  This collage experience lifted a huge amount of weight off of my shoulders; it was extremely therapeutic and nudged me out of the darkness and into hope.

It has since been framed and holds a prominent and permanent place on my wall:

2010 has arrived and I’ve chosen to create a new collage.  Suzanne Wigginton of Time For You recently shared her Vision Board on Facebook and it was the nudge I needed to get me started on mine.

I began to sort through all the clippings I collected last year and piled up every notion, word, feeling, desire, hope and wish four layers deep for my Vision, 2010.  Putting this collage together was like creating a puzzle—a very happy puzzle—in which I put together all the shattered pieces my life had once fallen into.  It left me feeling inspired, energetic, positive and ready to jump into 2010 head first.  But, I never learned to dive so I’ve decided to just begin with a toe-dip before I slowly slide in from the edge while I adjust to the temperature of the pool.

Now complete with passion, love, money, hope, focus, harmony, joy, happiness, health, creativity, writing goals, relaxation and play time I am looking forward to the choices I will make this year to prepare me for the next year.

Mistaeks are Mandatory.  Make lots of ‘em!


  1. >WOW! I'm inspired to do mine for 2010!!! Thank you!

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