Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finding Our Way, myself and I are finding OUR way, however slowly.  At the beginning of the year I set a goal to participate in this blog on a regular basis; to get down and dirty with art supplies and crafting new ideas and gifts for m' online shop.  I have a long list of handmade ideas floating through m' head that I want to assemble and place for sale on Etsy.  Somehow I keep getting sidetracked,

er, choosing to do other things.

Somehow cleaning the garage, doing laundry, organizing drawers, cabinets and desks has been at the top of my to-do list.  I'm trapped in labels and I label myself a Domestic Goddess first.  Perhaps it would benefit me to label m'self creative first and let the domestics simmer a while.  I must ask myself if my choice to tend to domestics first is fueling my creativity or draining it?

Uh, draining it.

I must ask myself if tending to domestics first is allowing me to express my authenticity?

Er, nope.

I must ask myself if tending to the domestics first energizes me?

Eh, not much.  That's why you're exhausted.

The year is still new, however, so I am giving myself permission to allow my thoughts to percolate, to get my physical space organized and de-cluttered, to journal about the direction I want this blog to go while I branch out and read the blogs of other creative beings; determining how I will divide my time between creating gifts and writing my story; and, finally, realizing that in addition to have created a vision board, I need to outline me goals with more specificity.

How many words do I want to write a week...a day?
How many gifts do I want to create a week...a month?
How often do I want to blog?  Weekly?  Daily?  Three times a week?  What does "regularly" mean?
What are realistic expectations for me?
How much time will I spend reading books, magazines, blogs?

Answers to these questions and more coming soon!

Soon?  How soon?  What do you mean by soon?

I'll let you know.  In the mean time...check out the updated list of links in the "Inspiration Line."

Joy & Gratitude,

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