Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah and the Tree

Sarah loves being outside walking about the trees that line the back edge of her neighborhood.  She holds trees in high regard and feels the complete, authentic power they exude when she is able to gaze up at them.  She hasn’t always felt that way, but the more time she spends surrounded by them the more Sarah has come to be left in awe of trees, amazed by the miracle that they bless her with everyday; the example they set.

As she wanders between them, admiring their silent strength,  she hears a whisper in the wind say be like a tree.

This hasn’t always been the case.  Sarah spent the majority of her youth wishing for her dreams would come true.  She blamed others for her experiences, choices and the void that they had created within her never realizing that dreams require a vision, determination, action and effort.  While everyone else seemed to be happy, in love and successful it appeared to Sarah that it had just come to them…dandelion wishes coming true.

Today trees are magical and symbolic of her continuing growth.  Each ring of a tree trunk represents a year of growth; for the trees and for Sarah.

From communing with the trees she has learned that wishes are not the same as dreams because like the trees, dreams need nurturing.  Like the trees, dreams need room to grow, stretch and reach.  Like the trees, dreams give as much as they receive.

Not wishes.

Wishes are whimsical.  They offer little substance and do not require action, effort or determination.  Wishes do not give as much as they take.  In fact, they steal time and energy as they weave a web of procrastination and denial.

Sarah now notices how trees stand tall, reaching towards the sky, but never looking up towards the future and never looking down obsessing over the past.  Instead they stand firm in the Now; exhibiting peace, strength and acceptance of what is.

Sarah now tries to be like a tree; not looking up nor looking down. Simply being in the now, embracing what is whether it be sunshine or rain and trying to give as much as she takes.

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