Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Mistaeks

If you've knocked on the door of Kreative Notions more than once you might already have gotten the impression that I like Play Dates.  No, I'm not talking about arranging fun for my daughter. I am talking about Play Dates with me.  Selfish?  I'm sure some people would consider it selfish.

Then I wonder, if I'm not fulfilling myself, nourishing myself, how can I possibly have anything to give to anyone else?  If I'm not having fun, taking time to play and creating my own joyful moments then how can I teach my daughter to do the same?  Not to mention that doing so is much needed practice in getting things dirty for this self-proclaimed anal-retentive!  I admit that sometimes finding the time and inspiration is difficult to manage, but I'm beginning to learn that I must make it a priority in my daily life.

So yesterday afternoon I was cleaning my art studio after scattering supplies all over the place to help my daughter with a school project.  I was contemplating following Artsyville's lead and purging my drawers, boxes, containers and cabinets of the excess of arts & craft supplies I seem to have collected over the years.  I know hidden amongst my toys are things I purchased knowing there was something great I could make with them, but alas have not and most likely will not because I cannot remember why I purchased this or that to begin with.

My two desks are covered in paper scraps, with fistfuls about to be disposed of , my mind wanders off for a moment and I pull down one container I knew was filled with odds and ends, do-dads and embellishments.  I had recently viewed a video online of a little collage book being made.  It sat still in my mind, comfortable and in no hurry to leave.  The fistful of paper scraps did not make it into the recycling bin.  Instead I began to look for a mini board book I'd purchased weeks ago at Beverley's Crafts & Fabric.

I'm gonna make a collage book.  That's what I'm gonna do.

I present to you my first, mini collage book; measuring approximately 3" x 3".

I'm not convinced that I love the cover...what do you think?  Aside from that I am quite pleased with the result.  It was a difficult concept for me.  I enjoy collaging, but every corner must be lined up and every edge must match.  It was a wonderful exercise in practicing my im-perfection; which we know is perfect.

"Mistaeks are Mandatory!"  I went to sleep feeling as though I had made one very happy mistaek.

Continue to this morning when I began the task...again...of cleaning up m' art studio.  Now I had even more paper scraps to clean up; in addition to stamps, embossing powder, paint and a pile of new toys.  As I tried to talk myself into getting it done, another idea from Artsyville came to me.

Hmm.  I think I'll try collaging a bookmark.   This particular bookmark measure in at 8.5" long, 2.5" wide.

I did get my creative space cleaned up, in case you were wondering.  I'm still letting the idea of a big purging of unused supplies percolate.  I know it would be an excellent exercise in letting go.  It isn't healthy to hold on to things that no longer serve us, right?

First things first.  Next on the agenda....a good night's sleep and several loads of laundry.

JoY &GratiTude,


  1. >I LOVE the fact, I am loving the whole concept and your finished product. Regarding your considered supply purge, while I agree that "letting go" of what no longer serves is a worthwhile pursuit, I also love the idea of repurposing...recycling "stuff" into something grander or more useful than originally intended. Either way (or with a little of both) I know you'll ultimately know and decide on what is right for you :-)

  2. >Thank you for your lovely comments! happy-happy-joy-joy!


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