Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kreative Notions Blog Turns Two!

It was two years ago today that I created my first blog entry for Kreative Notions. When I clicked on PublishPost I had no idea what I was doing.  Quite often I'm still not convinced I know exactly what I am doing or where this blog is going.  However, I am evolving.  This blog is evolving.  I'm still imagining and letting the petals unfold into glory one at a time.  

Winter is on its final descent into spring and I have found joy and gratitude in our first blossoms of the year--bright yellow Daffodils and blazing pink Azaleas (pictured above). Our Rose bushes are showing signs of growth with fresh green leaves and stems sprouting up; glistening in the morning sunshine after a long night's rain.  Beautiful!  Just Beautiful! They're showing up and I am taking a lesson from them and focusing on showing up myself; showing up to the page, to my writing, to my blogs, to my craft, to my creativity, to my family.  I'm focusing on showing up Now.  I'm focusing on being present and putting more energy into things that I enjoy doing because doing so nudges me closer to being myself.  In doing so, this blog will become more of me and my hope to inspire others will be fulfilled--if it hasn't been already.

Thank you for stopping by!  Drop me note sometime.  I'd love to hear from you!

JoY & GratiTude-

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