Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tree of Life...& Inspiration

This entry is inspired by two awesome friends of mine from The Journaling Lounge; Suzanne and Carla.  Suzanne shared some thoughts a tree in her little corner of the Universe had inspired, while in return Carla and I shared our thoughts.  Carla later found herself painting a tree.  With thoughts of Suzanne and I entering her mind, she added a quote from each of us and then gifted Suzanne and I with a copy.  I was deeply touched by the beautiful gift I had unwrapped from my inbox and felt warm and blessed; as though I'd just been embraced in a group hug.

This recent interaction reminded me of the tree art I have filed away on my computer.  I have two of them and they are both products of my creative beginnings and were more therapeutic than anything else.  As is true of other creative ideas I have tried or practiced.  Creativity is a wonderful healing tool no matter the art's outcome.

 * * *

Years ago, after reading How to Paint by SARK, I began to play around with paints, brushes and paper.  Most often, I was not thrilled with the results and would rapidly tear them apart and throw them in the trash completely frustrated with my lack of perceived skill exclaiming that "I cannot paint!"

Then I read something different.  SARK recommended taking those ill-felt stabs at creating with paint and creating something different.  Perhaps a collage?

I think the original painting was supposed to be a tree, or a really ugly blue spider.  :)  I saved the torn pieces of art paper and later decided to glue them into a tree collage adding a little water color to fill in the background.  It was the perfect thing for me.  I love trees and at the time of this creation I thought of taking something I perceived as horrible; ripping it apart and putting the pieces back together in an entirely different form.  A form that was completely my choice.  I viewed life as a collage.  I still do.

Throughout our lives we gather our hopes, dreams, lists, desires, experiences and relationships.  Little pieces of ourselves.  Some we gather into neat little piles we store away in a safe place; some we don't know what to do with so they lay scattered about; some are too painful and ugly to be reminded of so we try to hide them in a junk drawer; some we keep in our pocket so we can see it, feel it and admire it any time we like; while still yet others we find are not what we anticipated so we tear them up and throw them away.  As we get older, hopefully, we learn to reuse, re-purpose, recycle and transform all our collected pieces into something new, enlightening, joYful and liberating.

Did I use all of the pieces from my torn painting?  Some did not serve a purpose in the new project and some did not fit in the space I had left to fill.  The trick is listening to what speaks to us and knowing what to hold on to, what to add and what to release back into the Universe with a polite, "No thank you."

Sometimes our world as we know it falls apart, shattering into what seems like a billion pieces.  I believe it is essential to our being to pick up the pieces; releasing the ones we have no need of or desire for and gently putting the rest back together.

I still play with paint, brushes and paper on occasion.  I decided that I wanted to have more color in my life.  With the blessing and help of my hubby, I began with our home.  Each room of our home is a different color.  While I've been incorporating two to three colors in each room, the primary color used in the kitchen: Heavenly Blue, living room: Brick House Red, art studio: Grape get the picture.  Color! Color! Color!

My personal Tree of Life is all about color.  Inspired by SARK, I painted this more than five years ago.  I didn't give up on painting a tree I wanted to hug.  I wanted to stretch my spirit, and learn more about who I am, and begin to love all the damaged parts of me, and explode with creativity, joY and passion.  I wanted to color my own world with my own box of crayons, not use the the ones that life experience had given me.  I wanted to begin to live differently and I think my colorful tree of life expresses that.

Color your world

however you like

Accept that there is

no wrong or right.


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  1. >I LOVE the metaphor of mindfully sifting through the pieces to either repurpose, store away for future use or simply let fall away. P.S. The trees are terrific!


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