Monday, April 12, 2010

Journals of Gratitude

I love paper.  I love pens.  I love collecting paper and pens.  I also love collecting blank books, journals and note pads.  It's always a laugh in my home when someone asks, "Do you have something to write on?"

For a few years now I've taken time almost nightly to write down at least three things I acknowledge myself for and three things I am grateful for.  I typically take the time to write down why I am grateful for the items on my night's list as well.  I have long since wondered how I would go about customizing my own Journals of Gratitude for myself, or as gifts.

Before I decided to tweak my neck and struggle to get through the day without any Tylenol I snagged a few composition books at Office Max with the intention of covering them.  And that I did...

well, at least two of them.

My daughter's eyes look wide to the first one I made. She was very complimentary of it and keeps returning to pick it up from it's resting place on display; repeatedly sharing that she "really likes this one."

She trying to tell me something?

She's been resistant to journaling regularly...maybe this is the motivating force behind her starting.

My photograph does not do it justice, but my daughter loves the coloring and the added flower embellishments.

The next composition book I covered is quite different and is meant for noting gratitude's.  I had a little fun with this one, smearing acrylic paint in places with my palms; getting nice and dirty and having quite a magnificent time!

They're really easy to do.  Choose your paper, lather the cover with Paper Mod Podge (it's acid free) and let the pieces fall where they may.  In an effort to protect them, I topped the covers off with several layers of clear coat.  It's the perfect project for all of those scraps that accumulate over time and while I worked on my covers, my daughter made a special book mark for herself.

Until next time....

joY & gratitude--

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