Friday, April 23, 2010

Tea Time

I don't always have a plan, an idea, or a concrete vision of what I want to make when I enter my art studio at home.  I just know that I need to express my creativity.  I just know that I have to play and make something.  Sometimes that process works, sometimes it does not.

Mistaeks are Mandatory!

During my last play date I walked into my studio and found a bare wood serving tray I had purchased at Michaels several years ago.  It was time to do something with it and since I have been on a decoupaging kick lately, that is what I decided to do.

Before I started, I sanded and stained the bare wood.  Normally I would take this task outside, but it was raining.  I can't smell and can't recall ever being able to smell so I had no idea how long the stain fumes had hung around until my hubby informed me that my studio was like a gas chamber.  I'd opened the window and ran our whole house fan for hours, but apparently that was not enough.

My next step was to choose some paper.   Using a paper tearing ruler from Plaid I tore various pages from a K&C Company Life's Journey Designer Paper Pad and adhered them to the bottom of the serving tray with Mod Podge.

After three days and several coats of a protective clear finish, here is the completed project:

Time to make your own serving tray and invite a friend for tea.  Or, coffee.  What ever your pleasure might be!

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