Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspiration Doesn't Always Knock

i often find myself waiting for motivation, inspiration or the mood to knock on the door.  i wander in and out of my studio, look at the mess, look at all the supplies i've purchased and random items i have collected "because they'd be great for an art project."  it's overwhelming.  too many things make for too many conceived ideas that aren't ready to be born yet.

inspiration doesn't always knock on the door.  most often you must open the door, walk through it and dig it up from the garden yourself.  it doesn't come to go to it.  if you can't get to the door, open a window.

i spent three days coloring a Self-Esteem Mandala from a kit i purchased through my One Spirit Book Club.

my favorite colors are orange (somehow it looks red), green, yellow and purple.  i chose my markers carefully, deliberately and intentionally. while each color has its own meaning i choose to define them in a way that speaks to me; one color at a time, one marker at a time i brushed with green for transformation and growth, yellow for authentic light and spirit, orange for strength and courage, purple for crazy fun.

feeling better and a step closer to filling my well of creativity with inspiration, i purged.  i sifted through the cubicles holding canvas containers filled with stamps, embellishments, tools, tape, ink pads, feathers, buttons, dried flowers, cutting dies, ribbon....and cabinets hiding paint, pie pans, sandpaper....and drawers carrying tin cans, toilet paper rolls, cork, old CDs, cardboard, chipboard books, wooden clothespins....and let go of all the ideas i thought i had conceived but never nurtured.  i sat with books i've never finished reading because they weren't what i thought they were.  i caressed and peered through books i have read that served their purpose and now needed to move on.  while my bookcases are not naked like those described by Carla on The Sanity Blog, all of my books are now able to reside in one of my four bookcases with a spare room or two for new guests.  :)

as I sifted, peered, examined and held each thing i touched, i either discarded them into the recycling or placed them in a box to be donated to charity.  i am certain there is more to let go, discard or donate.  for now, i have let go enough.

meanwhile, inspiration still had not knocked on the door; however, i was digging in the garden, getting my hands dirty and listening to music through an open window to my creative dwelling.

today i entered my little-less-cluttered studio, whipped out some card stock, paint, ModPodge, tissue and stamps.  i didn't know what i was going to do, as i often do not.  i rarely have a plan.  i just go with it.  see what happens.  sometimes i find magic, sometimes i don't.  i always find peace of mind and joY.  today we created three mini pocket sized cards; all are blank inside.

whole latte love; just because; happiness is never stopping to think if you are

i can't wait to see what will bloom in the garden tomorrow!

creating joY,


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