Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look What Blossomed Today!

I'm not what one would call a fan of Martha Stewart, but a couple of years ago I happened to catch a segment of her show with a female guest who was demonstrating how to create your own stamps.  I made note of the materials she referenced and later sat down at my computer to search for these magical items.

My search led me to Speedball products I ordered online:  rubber brayers, Speedy-Carve Blocks, Lino Cutter Handles and Linoleum Cutters in various shapes and sizes.  This was approximately two years ago.

The carving blocks were not "cheap."  In other words, they aren't something I am comfortable with ruining and having to throw away.  I was so afraid to cut and carve into them.  Drawing is not one of my talents, so I knew using these new toys would be somewhat limiting.  While I convinced myself that I would destroy them, lacked the skills and talent necessary to use them and had simply wasted my money...they sat in the "tools" section of my studio.

While cruising through my latest purge, I found a brochure I picked up at Michael's with instructions on how to turn a photograph into a stamp.  Hmmm.  I'd better keep this.  Maybe it's time to try that.

This morning I picked a photograph of a Gerbera that I took in 2003 as the basis of my first homemade stamp (pictured above).

A little touching up, possibly, and a block of wood for easier stamping and Viola! I've created my own stamp--no Angel Policy needed.  :)

Even though I am not a fan, Martha, I am grateful that you chose to have that guest on when I chose to view your show while grappling with the copyright challenges associated with my supplies.

What blossomed in your garden today?

Mistaeks are Mandatory
~ sYda

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