Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ownin' my MOJO Art

I'm a proud member of the Pink Posse at Owning Pink.  To me the Pink Posse is a community of love and support, guided by intention and authenticity, founded by Lissa Rankin, an OB/GYN who set out to change the world--and she is.

I've been thinking a lot about MOJO and,...discovering my mojo.  Since joining the Pink Posse less than three months ago I have found myself attracted to the color pink, a color I was previously apposed to and resistant of.  However, I've recently purchased a pink polo shirt, a pink phone cover for my iPhone and recently changed my avatar and blog banner to a pink flower.  Not to mention that I also purchased pink business cards too!  I'm becoming all about pink; defining my pink, finding my pink, Owning my Pink and sharing my pink via little pink pebbles that skip across my day leaving pink waves of inspiration, creativity and courage to expand my pink dreams.  All of this inspired me to think about how I could do that.  What does Owning Pink mean to me?  What is my mojo and how can I own it?  There are a zillion ways but only so much room on this 7 x 9" canvas.

OWN YOUR MOJO!! -- Express your Pinkness -- move - nourish - pamper - accept - respect - open - breathe - stretch - meditate - savor - journal - dream - embrace - acknowledge - act - be (y-o-u) - relax - do - bloom - create - believe - read - dance -- BODY * MIND * SOUL

Where's your mojo?  Do you have it?  Have you lost it?  Leave it in the trunk of your car?  What do you do to hold on to your mojo?

Just askin'.


  1. >I like to say my mojo is on the fritz. I am doing things to try to get it back and get it back quickly. Thank you for sharing this. Nice to know there are others out there looking for their mojo too. Pink love,Caren

  2. >I keep getting tossed off the path to my mojo because I put off or forget altogether to practice "self-care." For me that is huge. My Mojo Art is going on the wall to remind me.Thanks for stopping by, Caren, and "expressing your pinkness."love & joYSyda

  3. >Gosh, I bloody love this and am really feeling your words, Syda. My mojo took a hike a while ago. And being an observant little mouse, the process fascinates me. It was so gradual, so insidious... but then sudden and dramatic. The antidotes for me seem to be authenticity and audacity. You know, not giving a shit about what people think. But it's complex and I could wax lyrical on this topic forever. BTW, I dig that you're expressing your mojo factor though art. Quite beautifully, I might add. Is there any more vigorous exercise for the mojo? Okay, some may argue there is just one ;^) But I'm not too sure.

  4. >Oh, Meg, Lovey, thank you! I have no idea what happened--why I didn't get wind of your comment--but Thank You! I so appreciate your thoughts and love that you're digging my artful expression of m' Mojo! My heart is.a.smiling!


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