Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daisy Yellow Creative Experiment (#1)

Last night I chose to try a creative activity from Daisy Yellow's Creative Experiments #15: August.
♥ Set a timer for 8 minutes. Write a stream-of-conscious page about the meaning of music in your life.

I turned out the lights, lit a few candles, picked up a notebook and pen and wrote in virtual darkness with teal colored ink.  Here is what came out:
Music has been huge in my life.  It has given my pain a voice, lifted my spirits, inspired my body to move and given me a sense that I am not alone.  Jazz beats help me to focus on tasks.  I do not know what I would do without music.  It feeds my creativity, fills the gap, drowns the silence.  Music has been a part of every aspect of my life.  It is there when I am sad, brokenhearted, lost, alone, in love, taking care of my body, soothing me to sleep, settling my mind, celebrating and dancing.  It doesn't care that I cannot carry a tune; only that I sing.  It doesn't care if I have two left feet; only that I dance.  Music is vibrant and healing.  ~sYda

My pen did pause a couple of times as I stopped to ask myself what meaning music holds for me.  I guess I've always taken it for granted as something that was just there. Turn the dial, volume up.  I love how lyrics will speak to me, touch me and guide me.

My favorite genre currently is Alternative music, but I also enjoy some Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock and a teeny bit o' Country. Although I despised it as a teenager, as an adult I've come to appreciate Classical music and enjoy listening to it while I relax.

What meaning does music hold in your life? How has it helped you?  What genre of music do you most enjoy? Is there a genre of music you didn't like as a child that you enjoy and appreciate now?

Take a moment to share your thoughts on music in the comments below.

joY & gratitude~

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