Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flutter: #aedm2010 Day 3

Several blue moons ago I purchased a variety of Speedy-Carve Blocks to embark on the journey of making my own rubber stamps for my projects.  Ms. Procrastination and Ms. Chatterbox showed up and convinced me that I had wasted my money and would certainly ruin the material because...uh....You're not an artist.  You cannot draw.  I finally decided that I was willing to try and make a few basic stamps for Kreative Notions.  The first carving I created was of a gerbera daisy.

Yesterday, while pondering what I wanted to do to express my creativity as a participant of Art Every Day Month, I decided to try making a butterfly stamp.  I was inspired by a fan of my Kreative Notions Facebook Page when I posted a photo of a mini-canvas I had made with a butterfly stamp from Stampin' Up!  She wanted to know how she could get it on a t-shirt.  I new that in order to do that the butterfly would have to be much larger and I would have to make my own.  So...that's what I did!  I'm actually very delighted with the results.

Woot! Woot!  I love creativity.  I love when a project manifests into something greater than you had anticipated.

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