Friday, November 5, 2010

Fluttering Greetings: #aedm2010 Day 4 & 5

On day four of Art Every Day Month, I played around with the butterfly rubber stamp I'd made the previous day.  I painted a 5x7" canvas board with black acrylic paint and then brushed m' homemade stamp with red, yellow and purple acrylics and layered the colors; one upon the other.  I did the same on paper.  I wanted to do more so I scanned the images to my computer and added some text before uploading them to be printed on a t-shirt.

I grabbed another block of Speedy-Carve and took on the task of trying to carve out a dragonfly, but I'm not nearly as impressed with the results.  Perhaps you can can give me your thoughts?

* * *
Today, Day 5 of AEDM, I have taken on the task of making some Christmas Cards.  I work with what I have, using primarily my and materials from Stampin' Up!  The card stock I use really depends on what I have on hand.  As you will notice, one card in particular is not a traditional holiday color; however, the accent paper I used does contain a color from the same family (really!  It does!).


  1. >whoa! i'v never heard of speedy carve - i think the effect looks really cool; i'm going to check it out!! thanks for sharing!

  2. >Fun! I love the stamp that you made! You are way ahead of the game with starting Christmas cards already, good for you!


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