Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Disclaimer...

Mistaeks are Mandatory.

Last week I finally decided to order some of my own offerings from my CafePress Shop.  A good idea, I think, if you're really wondering what your stuff looks like in real life.  I ended up not being pleased with one design altogether so it no longer exists and another just needed to be reformatted for a more appealing presentation.  So, yesterday I spent a good amount of time making changes and adding new items to my Kreative Notions Shop.

I also designed and printed up some business cards for Hubs, and figured out how to create a transparent background using Photoshop Elements 9.  I'm new to PSE, having always used Microsoft Digital Image, but have found it's time to move on and learn something new.  I was so excited when I was able to "isolate" my butterfly and create a transparent background!  I was clapping and woo-hooing! "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Skip to today...really, skip!  It's so much fun!

My recent order from Stampin' Up! arrived and I wanted to hand stamp some text onto the canvas I painted and stamped with my butterfly last week.

I attempted to stamp the lettering onto the canvas using acrylic paint...albeit unsuccessfully.  I couldn't leave it alone.  I started with white acrylic paint, overloading the paint and ending with a couple of letters looking like blobs of goop.  I waited for it to dry and had considered repainting those areas with black and take the opportunity to have a "do-over."  Instead, I re-stamped everything in yellow, sprinkled it with yellow embossing powder; but again, I crowded some letters and created an even bigger blob of goopiness.  Third times a charm!  Right?  So I stamped them again using red.  I decided that was enough and in the end I decided I liked it enough to add my disclaimer:  "Mistaeks are mandatory."

I set the canvas aside and decided to try another dragonfly carving since I wasn't pleased with the last one I made. I'm slightly more pleased with this one and proceeded to make a note card.

I am imagining the possibilities. How 'bout you?

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