Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Choices Are All Mine

Today, for Day 2 of Art Every Day Month, I chose to edit a photograph I took quite some time ago with the intention of reminding myself that I have choices and they are all mine (and yours).  I took it from a color photog to a black and white, diffused the glow, then using freehand painting I colored in the arrow sign and wrote the word "Choices."  From there I added text and viola....The choices are all mine!


  1. >I love this piece. It is good to remember that I have choices and that those choices are mine.

  2. >Thank you, Marie! I certainly agree. We can all use a little reminder now and then and what better way than through creativity?

  3. >this is a great reminder that the choices are ours and we can change our minds each day! Love your blog background it is so lively


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