Sunday, March 6, 2011

Forward With Passion

Perhaps I did not come away with humungous new insights during the four week course I journeyed through with Shannon.  No one said I would.  No one said I had to.  Except, maybe, for me.  My intention was set near the beginning of this guided path to "hear the the door...and invite her (me) in."

I did just that.

My creativity has opened some windows and shed light on some rather hazy spaces.  I feel more inspired than ever.  I have discovered new creative outlets and I'm okay when my creative ideas do not manifest as I had imagined. It is a reminder that art, like life, is a p-r-o-c-e-s-s.

Because sometimes...when I release my attachment to the outcome and mindlessly play and experiment....something amazing happens.

This was just that....mindless play with diluted white gesso, a single brush and acrylic paint.

While I didn't receive any bricks over the head, and while I perhaps did not go as deep as I possibly could have (denial is a wonderful thing) I did hear a few whispers from within that led me to acknowledge some ideas and thoughts I have resisted throughout my adulthood.  They are still a challenge for me to believe, but just allowing myself to "say them out loud" is significant progress and left me feeling quite comfortable creating the pictured affirmation.

  • There actually are things I like about me.

  • I am growing more and more confident by the day.

  • Mistaeks are definitely mandatory and lead to magic.

  • I write my story and if I don't like it...I-can-EDIT.

  • I have a gift to share with the world and even though I am not certain of what it is...I am intent on opening it.

  • Dreaming BIG was not something I was encouraged to do growing up so it is very difficult to let go and allow myself to do that now....but I want to learn how now.

One of the final assignments in "Inside Out" was to create a mission statement.  I have yet to narrow that down, but I'm getting there.  I'm giving myself permission to take some time and dream it over.  Perhaps it is something I am in denial about and simply need to allow myself to "say out loud."

In the mean time, I am beginning a new course tomorrow with the Fabulous Megan Monique--"Desparately Seeking Passion."

Won't it be wonderful to realize that nothing is missing and I have nothing to seek--I simply need to acknowledge that it is there?

joY & gratitude~


  1. >I'm still working on my mission statement too. I loved seeing your work. Thanks for sharing it with us and I hope you enjoy your next course too. :) Happy bold exploring!


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