Friday, May 13, 2011

Let It Tickle

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I often try to remind myself to "let it tickle."  I advise friends who are having a particularly difficult, painful or stressful time to allow their feelings to "tickle."  Perhaps they are conflicted by a myriad of mixed emotions.

Let them tickle.

When I am caught up in the blahs, uninspired and wishing that things would just....change....I try to remember to let the moments of blah tickle.  When I think of various life experiences and mood swings as tickles, it takes away the feeling that this-is-going-to-last-forever or ruin-my-whole-day.  Tickles generally don't last long and in the end...I always giggle.

We all know people who refuse to change, complain about change, resist change, fight change, argue with change and perhaps demand that we never change.  Change can be difficult.  Change can be painful and scary.  But if we can manage to give ourselves permission to allow it to happen.....change tickles and when it does....

Life tickles....

and we can get back to the business of giggles.

joY & gratitude~

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