Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Square Thoughts

One thing I absolutely lOvE about creative journaling is its forgiveness of mistaeks.

Today I played in my creative journal with watercolors; green, yellow, orange, blue & red. As it happens sometimes, I was unhappy and disappointed with the result. It was chaotic, cluttered and...well...yucky.

Creative journaling is a lot like LiFe.  It gives you the experience you allow it to have.  Granting yourself permission to make mistaeks and try again...and again...and again is the ticket to getting on the healing train, find joy and experience a moment of "ahhhhh."

So I did.

This page of square spaces awaits some square thoughts. A variety of acrylics applied with water and framed with paint applied with a credit card begs to be filled. Each space is individual and unique and offers an opportunity for space, openness and order. A patchwork of color for intentions & thoughts.

To clear my cluttered mind.

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