Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Random Words

This little project that I present to you in this little one minute slide show is the result of an exercise I did as part of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop.  "Three Little Words" is hosted by none other than Aimee of Artsyville.  I took my little word strings and rather than just writing them down, I printed them on colored card stock and then arranged them on the pages of a handmade accordion book I was making with card stock, chip board, gesso and acrylic paint.  It was so much fun to do!  Please enjoy!


  1. Oh this is gorgeous and profound, both the presentation and the words. I can't get enough of Three Little Words. That class brought me back to my first love of poetry. BTW, "Share Your Thoughts" is a lovely little word string too. Intentional or mistaek?

  2. Oy! Where are my manners? Thank you! It's amazing what Three Little Words can do...isn't it?

    "Share YOUR Thoughts" was a little of both, I suppose. I didn't like "Leave a comment" but I hadn't paid any attention to the fact that I had used Three Little Words. :)


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