Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday :: Bookmarks

So here we are.  It's Tuesday.  I'm having a great day!  Networking.  Sharing the love.  And here to announce a little give-a-way.  Yep!  I said it!  A Give.A.Way.  Why?  No reason at all except that I've been having so much fun playing and experimenting with the techniques I'm learning in Daisy Yellow's Urban Layer Cake group on 21 Secrets, that I've decided to give away the bookmarks I had a blast making! All this playing, learning and having fun brings me incredible amounts of joY and I wanna share it...with you!  Stay tuned for details at the end of this post.

First things first.....

In this second little adventure through the Urban Layer Cake we traded in the fiber paste for some matte medium.  Think of it as transparent paint that you mix with your acrylics.  In my experimenting I learned what I liked, what I didn't like, what worked great and what didn't work so great.

I wasn't entirely thrilled with my first two stabs at this technique.  The first one became a journal page that I vented on.  Doing so brought me an AHA! moment.  It appears that whenever I write a journal entry on a page I'm not particularly thrilled with...some painful, dark, muddy-muck appears.  I write it out.  In the end I am much fonder of the page I created and often feel a great weight lifted off of my shoulders and discover that a lot of mind clutter has cleared itself out of m' brain.  Love that!  I came to the conclusion that sometimes a drab, no-so-great page needs to be created to wash out all the muddy-muck.  It brings to the surface things that need to be faced, dealt with, let out.  I love the process of the creative/art journal page.  It's trans-formative and healing.

The second page I made using the matte medium, acrylic paints and credit card on didn't thrill me at all...particularly while it was still wet.  The next day after it had dried, I remembered Tammy suggested making bookmarks out of these pages because they are so abstract.  Alrighty then!  So I folded the paper in half, cut it into strips and viola!  Bookmarks.  My husband and daughter were quite impressed with them.  :)

Initially I was using the sketchbook I use for my art journal.  Perhaps it's the paper?  To test my theory, I made another page using a doodle I'd drawn on water color paper as my backdrop.  This process with the matte medium creates a transparency so I gave it a whirl.  I was happy to see a much more pleasing result.

Finally, using a clean sheet of water color paper, I gesso'd some circles and other shapes then waited for it to (mostly) dry.  Armed with fresh paint and matte medium I went to work with dark purple, lilac, dark blue, light blue and light green acrylics.  Amazing!  Knowing I wanted to make a batch of bookmarks I did the same on the back side using orange, mustard yellow, bright yellow, light blue and light green.

I'm so happy!  I love them!  With a hand-stamped, embossed dragonfly and ribbon embellishment they are ready to make a home in your favorite book!

I know....you're wondering what ya' gotta do?

Easy-Peasy!  Just leave a :) in the comment section below to let me (and everyone else who visits) know you were here first and then take a moment to E-mail me your mailing address.  As soon as you do.....Wham-Bam! It's in the mail.  But hurry!  I only have six of the lovely, one-of-a-kind bookmarks!


  1. I LOVE your work. You give me joy just by showing it. You rock Missy!

  2. Thank you Lovie! You just made m' day!! <3 :)

  3. Thank Meghan! I appreciate you taking the time to pop on over! :)


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