Wednesday, September 14, 2011,...uh...Wednesday Tickle :: Painted Reminders

A painter...I am not. I enjoy painting. As a kid I enjoyed paint-by-number kits, but they offered little in the way of authenticity.

After discovering SARK's "We Can All Paint" I invested in an easel.  It wasn't long before it was packed up in storage.  A painter...I am not.

While my husband and I were purging our yard shed last month I came across my forgotten easel covered in dust and cobwebs.  I heard a whisper say, " might use that again."

I enjoy playing with paint and have found ways to occasionally incorporate it into my creativity.  Then last week I dusted off the easel and returned to the blank canvas as part of the 21 Secrets workshop lesson in Abstract Adventures with Connie Hozvicka using her Fearless Painting process.

This current dip into the pool of paint has brought about a few gentle reminders::

Stop.  YOU are Enough.

This was the original cover I painted before giving it a reboot with gesso and attempting the first lesson in Abstract Adventures.  I just couldn't leave it alone.  It wasn't enough.  I continued to add more and more stuff to it; more expectation. 

Don't we do that to ourselves as well?  When we don't feel as though we're enough we keep adding more and more stuff to our lives and raising our expectations.  Reminder :: Stop!  You are enough.

Be true to YOU. Honer where you ARE and stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

Our first adventure was simply to get color (paint) on the page.  That's it.  Just get color on the page.  I did that.  I was cool with that.  I chose my magnificent colors and put color on the page. But I kept visualizing what Connie had done in the video; comparing what I had done with what she had done.  I gesso'd...again.  Not the entire painting, just the parts I was unhappy with because "they didn't look like Connie's."  That somehow made things a mess.  Until I finally realized that I wasn't creating my own painting...I was trying to copy hers.  I wasn't being true to me or honoring where I was in the process.

Do you find yourself comparing?  Do you read a blog and wish you could write like that?  Do you admire a doodle, art journal page, or other creative expression and wish YOU could do that?  When we compare ourselves to others, we dishonor our authentic selves.  Reminder :: Be true to YOU.  Honor where you ARE and stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

Slow down.  Stop thinking so much.  All this resistance is giving me a headache.

The next lesson in the adventure was all about line.  Connie made it look so dang easy!  :)  With a quiet house  I put on some music, picked my paints and selected a brush.  I tried to flow.  Obviously I resisted. I simply thought about it too much and tried to force a flow that wouldn't come. 

Do you find yourself rushing through life, over-thinking, analyzing and resisting your dreams, experiences and the universal flow?  Reminder :: Slow down.  Stop thinking so much.  All that resistance is going to give you a headache.

I decided to try again.

I experienced a little more flow, but far too much structure.  I began by consciously painting flower petals before the flow could wiggle it's way through my body and into my thoughts.

And again....

I finally found some flow during my third sojourn through the second lesson and began to let go of my resistance to the line.  The lines that created the leaves began by a happy accident and were initially "cut in half."  I painted over the intersections as I realized I had a created a branch.  I slowed down and tried to remain present with the process.  There is still more practice to be done, resistance to let go of, but I am totally turned on by the Fearless Painting process.  :)

A painter....I am not, but I am digging the reminders and lessons I am learning from playing with paint.  Painting offers lessons in patience, flow, resistance, self-acceptance, authenticity...I'm sure the list is endless.  Each of these painting experiences, I believe, is representative of where I was in the moment. For the most part; rigid, resistant and unfocused.  Afraid to let go.  Afraid to allow the experience to flow through me.  Afraid to look silly.  When I did let go, when I did allow the experience to flow through me...I came up with some gorgeous circles for the cover of my....

fearless Art Journal.


  1. Look at you!!! I love these! You know I find myself comparing me to everyone else all the time. But then I have to stop my self. I'm exactly who I am supposed to be and I have to find what I'm good at not what I want to be good at because someone else is. I'm finding that I love the quilting. I love scrapbooking, but not in the traditional method. I love putting quotes and pictures on a page and making it beautiful. I love being able to bake from scratch and cook from scratch and know that it's something I am comfortable with. I've decided to at least try to explore avenues such as wreath making and painting, but it's only because I want to know if I can do it and how I feel when I do it. If it doesn't feel right, I'm chalking it up to I tried but it's not me. You know, I like this finding myself stuff.

    You rock and provoke so much thought as usual! Love you lady!

  2. Thank you Miss Donna! Thank you-Thank you- Thank you! Love your thoughts! I spend as little time in the kitchen as's not me. :) I can bake from scratch, I have a few go-to holiday desserts that folks often request and I do like to try something new now and then for dinner but it's not my favorite place to be. I like the end result; but I don't enjoy the "process".

    A painter I am not, but what I am learning from this workshop lesson is that it's more about the process and not the end result. It's the same with art journaling, writing, etc. I may or may not like the finished product, but I always feel lighter and happier after having done them.

    I'm enjoying "finding myself stuff that brings me joy and makes me happy." :)


  3. LOVE this Syda! Just shared it with others on my Dirty Footprints Studio Facebook page! BIG Hugs! BIG Hugs!

  4. Beautiful! Thank YOU for the reminder to stay true to the process. Love facing the fear of looking silly. Keep on painting, fearless woman! :)


  5. OH Gosh! Rereading and seeing how much I needed to hear your message of not comparing ourselves to others. Of just being where we are at. That's vital, indeed. Thank you again for your truth telling today!

  6. I'm going to come back and read this often. You described me to a tee! This weekend, I paint. I'm not a painter either. But I'm going to let go and let it happen. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Thank you Connie! I kept looking at Abstract Adventures and I kept telling myself I couldn't do it. But, I finally let go of the resistance to try and I'm so glad I did! You're a rockin' teacher! :)

  8. Thank you for stopping by **and** sharing your thoughts! I appreciate the LoVe and support and happy that I could share my reminders with you.

    joY & gratitude ~Syda

  9. Thanks Peggy! So happy to have inspired you! Have fun painting this weekend. Let 'er go. Let 'er rip. Enjoy the process. :)

  10. Ahhh. I feel your fear! You did a lovely job working through it. I painted my first "fearless paintings" yesterday. What a trip. Love Connie's class and can't wait to do more :-)

  11. Thank you Lisa! Connie is a magnificent teacher! She's convinced me to make my easel a permanent fixture in my studio. :) Appreciate you stopping by!


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