Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a Splash of My First SMASH

Last month I discovered SMASH journals.  I didn't really need another journal, but I was intrigued and once I had one in my hands (I found them at a Michael's store nearby and at Beverley's)...I couldn't resist purchasing one.  They come in different colors, with different themed papers inside and my favorite thing is that no two pages are identical.

It sat on a table in my studio for a few days as I asked myself what in the world was I going to do with it?  It's too pretty to art journal in.  The one thing I love about art journaling is the mess.  I couldn't make a mess of this.  It needed to have a purpose.

I've been wanting to design a planner for a year or so now.  I can never find one that both serves my needs and inspires me.  I love Goddess Leonie's monthly calendar, it hangs on my studio wall, but I like having a nice-sized spiral I can toss in a bag or keep on a table.  I decided that I'd play around with my new SMASH journal and create my own personalized 2012 Planner & Journal for keeping track of to-dos and the rare appointment while still having space for notes, gratitudes, small pictures, accomplishments, intentions, etc.  It's a little wild, a little chaotic....but out of chaos comes order and out of the wild comes calm.  Some pages I love, some pages not so much.  Some pages will work great, some will probably not be as user friendly.  It was good practice though and it gave me a chance to get a better idea of how I would really like to create a planner.

Until then, enjoy the two-minute clip of my SMASH Planner & Journal below.

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