Sunday, March 25, 2012

Splashing & Sprinkling

Before we welcomed a new puppy, Alby, an Australian Shepherd, into our family I spent a day playing and experimenting with gesso, heavy gel medium, fiber paste, bottle lids, a credit card, acrylic paint, color wash and a straw.

Things don't always go as planned and this art journal page was also an exercise in making mistaeks, accepting mistaeks, realizing that some mistaeks are due to a large dose of impatience and so became a lesson in patience.  :)  Perhaps you don't see any mistaeks....that's merely due to my incredible talent for improvisation and covering up mistaekes.  :)

I started by spreading gel medium around the center of the project and fiber paste along two sides.  To create even more texture, I ran a credit card through the goo to create lines, bubble wrap was pressed into the fiber paste and medicine bottle lids were twisted and swirled to create circles.  Once all the goo was dry I chose a couple of acrylic paints to spread around before dropping puddles of color wash and blowing this way and that with a straw.  It was interesting to see where the wash traveled to and initially I went a little crazy with it.

Patience Syda.  Patience.

Having really gone overboard with the color wash, I opened up the gesso and did some covering up.  More acrylic paint.  A little touching up with color wash...a black gesso'd square highlighted with lines of acrylic...viola!  I'm a happy girl!

It took a few days for me to relax and choose the text written with a white, gelly roll pen::

Life is amazing
you only have to believe.
Courage is knowing
you have all you need.
Joy is being
because you are enough.
Art is creating
splashing, sprinkling color and love.


  1. I love it!

    Your work is so inspiring! Makes me want to paint!


  2. Thanks Love! Go for it! Get some paint. Use bubble wrap, or other household stuff laying around to apply layers of paint and texture. Use your hands. :) So fun!


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