Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Tickle :: List Joy

Over the past year I have kept loads and loads of index cards on hand.  They're inexpensive and my daughter often needs them for school.  However, I began to enjoy washing them with alcohol ink that I've diluted with your everyday rubbing alcohol.  I find the blending solution too costly for this purpose and water doesn't have quite the same effect.  It smells (so I'm told, I wouldn't know...I can't smell), but dries quickly and gives the index paper a nice tie-dyed look.   I love to carry these cards around to doodle on.

How I Do It

I simply pour some rubbing alcohol into a small cup adding a few squeezes of alcohol ink depending on how light/dark I want the color to be.  For this project I do not use the applicator tool.  I brush it on thick and sloppy, dripping wet and let the colors mix.  I like splattering the ink and letting it create streaks as I pick the cards up and shake off the excess before hanging them to dry.    The color seeps through the paper giving me one side that is vibrant and one that is lighter.  It's messy, messy fun! I use a vinyl placemat I purchased at Target to protect my desk top and place fresh cards right on top of the excess to soak it up.

But Instead of a Stack of Loose Cards

I recently began to use these color washed cards to create small list books to carry around in my bag.  I use my Zutter Bind-it-All to punch and bind sixteen cards [enough for a month's worth of daily list making] and use #130 card stock or scraps of cardboard found in boxes of cat food for the covers.  They're colorful and fun and perfect for lots of list joy:

  • daily things to-do or buy
  • daily gratitudes
  • daily doodles
  • places to go
  • things to see
  • things that made you laugh or brought you JOY
  • menu planning
  • any kind of list you can think of!

The possibilities are endless.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I love this tutorial!! I want to learn more!


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