Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday!

-- Follow link above to view the PDF file
-- Print, trim, frame, hang, glue, mail...

Every day is a day to celebrate and today I'm celebrating!  Celebrating what, you might ask? Well, no one thing in particular.  It's a cold, January day here in Northern California, the sun is shining bright through my studio window and I just got the urge to share a free printable with YOU!

I don't do much in the way of digital art.  I do like to add digital elements to my art, edit and play around in the digital world, but I much prefer to have a brush or pen in my hand, a mess on my desk and ooey, gooey fingers.

I recently purchased Procreate for iPad and last night I was playing around with it.  I really do love it and would recommend it if you're a creative with an iPad.  :)

This print I share with you today began with a photo of an art journal page I'd scraped out with acrylics and a credit card earlier in the day.  I decided to try doodling a girlie-girl. With the help of the app tools, I managed to create a full head of wispy hair and bubbles of light.  (Note: both the hair and bubble tools were additional in-app purchases).  When I decided that I was done, I sat with her a bit and she whispered, "Inhale bliss."

Today I am sharing breaths of bliss with you.  Perhaps you'd like a reminder to take a moment to inhale and experience bliss.   Perhaps you just want a reminder to stop for three seconds to close your eyes and take a deep breath (sometimes that means you're in the bathroom, with the door locked while the kids are screaming outside).  Take a moment.  Take a deep breath. Inhale your bliss.

Follow the link above to access the PDF file and print your free 8x8" copy.  Hang it on your wall or paste it in your art journal.   Feel free to share the bliss on your blog/website too!  I only ask that you link back to THIS blog post.  I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Please enjoy and have a bliss-filled weekend!!!  

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  1. I love this! If I had a printer I would most def. print it. I love your work Syda, I really really do.

    Keep on being you and getting your hands dirty.


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