Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Canon Selphy CP900 Experience

I love getting a new toy to play with in the studio.  Don't you?  Reviews are not really my thing, but I wanted to share a bit about my latest purchase and my experience with it.

I wanted a small, portable printer that would allow me to print small photos directly from my iPhone to use in my planner and art journaling; particularly my IG photos and preferably with a sticker option.

The search began.

The first printer I discovered wasn't compatible. iPhone won't push photos via Bluetooth. The second had a dock for the iPhone, but it only printed 4x6" photos and I wanted something to print small 2x3" photos with a sticky back.  

Enter the Canon Selphy CP900.

I LOVE this little printer! The print quality is clear and crisp, it is wi-fi enabled and has a USB port as well as a card reader.  It's very versatile.  It comes with the supplies to print a few sample 4x6" photos, but offers the ability to purchase a smaller paper cartridge for printing 2x3" photos, 2x3" photo stickers, and the big selling point for me....square photo stickers. Perfect for those square IG photos!

My initial investment was about $80 at Best Buy. I ordered the smaller photo papers and cartridge directly from Canon. (It appears that local sellers only carry the 4x6" ink/paper packages). The paper cartridge needed for the smaller prints was $12.99 and the paper/ink refills were about $14.99 each. The sticker papers come in 18 counts and the 2x3" paper was available in a 36 count. Not counting sales tax and shipping, stickers cost about .84 cents each, photos (no sticky back) average .43 cents each. I have used an entire package of the square sticker paper and ink....the last sticker printed as well as the first.

The Selphy comes with software for your Mac or PC.  I installed it just for giggles.  I find that it prints better from my iPhone/iPad using the free Canon iEPP App than it does from my laptop.  I have also learned a few things during my printing experiments.

  •   To avoid cropping of my square IG photos “bordered” must be selected.
  •   Prints of square IG photos directly from iPhone's Canon App are nicely centered, however, they were not nicely centered when printing from my laptop.
  •   When printing a 2x3 photo, it is best to crop the desired photo to 2x3” using iPhone's edit/crop option if there are any elements around the edges you absolutely want printed or a portion of image you want centered.  Otherwise, photos are cropped without a preview of what will actually print (at least I haven't discovered a way to do this).  You don't want any heads to get chopped off, do you?  :)

Here are a couple of examples:

Notice the tree and Target icon are slightly different in each photo.  The entire image in its original format appears in the middle, “bordered” photo, but I don’t like uneven borders.  I’m a little anal like that. :)  However, this is nothing I can’t work with.  I will, for the most part, be printing square or borderless 2x3" photos.

This is how the above photo printed (notice the cropped edges):

I would most definitely recommend this printer to my creative friends and to those wanting to have a little fun making photo stickers, etc.  I admit it is inconvenient to have to order the smaller photo paper and sticker paper online rather than being able to pop into a local business to purchase.  In the end the smaller format photos and stickers also cost a bit to make, but it's not in daily use so I am happy to absorb the cost of having the ability to use my IG and other photos in my planner or art journaling.

Is there something I missed?  Have you been considering purchasing a Canon Selphy?  Do you have a burning question you must have answered before you decide?  Please post any questions in the comments below, or send me an email.


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