Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tickle Me Thursday :: Kreative Notions' Art Island

Things have been rather adventurous, exciting and busy around here while we took on the task of moving after sixteen years.  As we packed up and loaded the art studio my daughter mumbled, "My mom just had to be an artist."  LOL.  The process began in May and I didn't get things relatively settled in our new home until July was approaching.

In our new home, I have a loft.  I was really excited about it, however, it did create some organizing challenges.  The set up at our previous home would simply not work here.  The space is such that I determined that if I could create a sort of island, I would then be able to fill the one large wall I have with bookcases to store all m' stuff.  I have a lot of stuff. 

The planning began.  I had a couple of cube storage units about 3 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide.  After doing a little research I found some that were about 2 ft. wide.  Viola!  I have a 3x4 ft. base.  Now to figure out what I would use or purchase for a top.  Lucky for me our local hardware and lumber store carried 4x4' pieces of plywood.  Hmmm.  If I painted that like I did my computer desk last year I'd have a custom made art island!

With the plywood all primed and ready to go I took out my paints and began painting my background.  I screwed up when I began laying down the next layer, so I taped it off and began again.  I'm glad I did, because as you can see from the photos I ended up with a lot more color!  The following layers would include a little ink splattering, the doodling of flowers, filling in the petals with a credit card and acrylic paint and just a tad little bit of a stenciling using my gelli plate. Sharpie paint pens were then used to scribe a few of my favorite words; create, play, doodle, gratitude, shine and be all you.  I even added a little washi tape for good measure.   A few layers of clear coat and chalk board paint on the bottom and we're done!  The entire process took about a week to complete with sanding, drying time, laundry and other household tasks.  I love it!  It's a huge, 4x4 foot art journal page.  :)  

The main purpose of my design was to absorb spills and splatters so that over time they would just become a part of my art island canvas. I'm happy to report....It's working!

Maybe I should think about painting the dining table?  I could paint huge flowers as placemats.  :)

Don't forget to play today!!

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