Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'm Still Here

I am.  I am still here.  I understand if you thought I was gone.  

Do you ever get the feeling that time runs away from you?  I'm sure we all do.  For me it seems to spiral out of control, twisting and turning until it comes down on me like a tornado spewing everything I think, feel and want or need to do in a myriad of directions.  I get lost in the roars of Ms. F. Quibbler flying around on her broom..."I'll get you my pretty."

And often she does.

I sit frozen, paralyzed by guilt, depression, comparisons, self loathing and life's little adventures (like my daughter needing posterior spinal fusion surgery).  I get lost trying to find all the scattered pieces that once were my lists, my ideas, my inspiration and motivation.  However, I have not been at a complete stand still.  Since my last posting I've done a few things:

  • approxiamately 135 loads of laundry (yes, I did the math)
  • sipped more than a thousand cups of coffee  (I'm sipping one now)
  • driven 6000+ miles
  • created 28 cards for the Happy Art Swap
  • cleaned the art loft 2-3 times
  • made 40+/- trips to Target
  • collaged dozens of birds and feathers
  • made deli paper flowers and butterflies
  • painted circles on book pages
  • painted our patio table anew
  • washi taped and painted our old windchime
  • created a few canvases (mixed media practice)
  • taken a thousand photographs
  • transferred and organized photographs
  • carved a variety of rubber stamps
  • created and sent out mail art envies and handmade goodies
  • joined a journal swap via IG
  • made hearts for Sandie's Heart Canvas
  • practiced making some girls using different mediums
  • painted my watch band
  • painted a wallet
  • painted my iPad cover
  • designed more planner pages (all new planner coming later this fall)
  • designed a planner kit (numbers and days of week add ins)
  • made stickers
  • filled planner orders
  • joined LifeBook 2014 (although I haven't gotten very far)
  • also joined DLP (The Documented Life Project)
  • attended a few meetups with local mixed media artists
  • doodled
  • and...recently started Index Card A Day; hosted by Daisy Yellow
  • shared virtually everything on Instagram
The rest of this list is far too boring and unfun to share.  Perhaps I have just been busy.  Perhaps my goal is to find some kind of balance between doing and sharing.  Perhaps it means letting go of what Ms. F. Quibbler thinks a blog post must be.  

I thank my friend, Teresa, The Right Brain Planner, for nudging me here.

Now go get yourself a nice snack, an iced drink, or take a nap.  There's more to come.  See you soon!

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