Monday, June 9, 2014

Mail Art Magic

This year I have embarked on a mail art journey.   I am participating in a self-paced online workshop with Robin Marie Smith that she calls "You've Got Mail...Art."  I am loving it and I highly recommend it if you too would like to create and send more art-FULL mail.  One of my favorites has been the food package envies.

I am not just making mail art, I am sending it out to random individuals chosen from a list of creative folks participating in The Documented Life Project and other mailing lists.  Participation in DLP is free and if you'd like to incorporate more art into your daily/weekly planning this is a wonderful place to start!  And it's never too late to start!   The Facebook Group page is overflowing with encouragement and inspiration.  You can learn more about The Project and the five artist hosts here at Art to the 5th.

Magic Received:

There's nothing quite like receiving a colorful, creative envelope with surprise goodies inside, or a handmade post card with a wish for a wonderful day.  Happy Mail!!  Each one is different and touched by the sender.

Magic Making:

I have also been having a lot of fun making a variety of mail art envies for happy mail sending.  Some are better than others, of course.  I'm still without a particular style of my own; still learning, playing and practicing.  As I mentioned above, one of my favorites to make are food package envies.

granola bar box with abstract watercolor owl
I try out almost every food package box we empty:  cereal, artificial sweetener, granola bars, cracker boxes, frozen entrees.  Sometimes they're perfect, sometimes not so much.  Smaller boxes can be made into a nice little envie that is just a bit bigger than needed for a gift card.  It could easily hold an ATC (artist trading card) too.  Food packaging can also be cut into post cards, trading cards, etc.

Sometimes I want to send out a hand written letter.  I've long had a book, Creative Correspondence by Judy Jacobs.  It demonstrates a multitude of ideas for the long lost art of snail mail.  Recently noticing that I have loads of colored card stock I rarely use as I delve further and further into mixed media, I decided to create some self mailers.  This particular one was made using a gelli plate.  The stationary inside this mailer is available in my Etsy shop as a PDF download and is sewn into this self mailer.

If you'd like to exchange happy mail with me, please visit my connect page for all my info.

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  1. Hey! Although I follow you on IG I didnt know about your blog...and I LOVE mailart and I had no clue about that class!! Yeah! I'm looking forward to reading your blog hop questions next week!


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