Monday, July 28, 2014

I Have to Share This! Live it Up! It's Magic Monday!

Happy Monday!

Let's make some magic!

I recently discovered "Side A" of Colbie Caillat's new album "Gypsy Heart" which is set to release this Fall.  The song "Try" has been making the rounds, but the track titled "Live It Up" grabbed me right away with its you can't help but feel good, get up and dance beat and then....the lyrics!  Yes!  I love the lyrics!  I have been listening to it every day.

"...I'm unstoppable.  I drop kick impossible....."

Get your Magic Monday off to a great start and take a listen.  I think you'll love it too! [official Colbie Caillat lyric video]

NOTE:  just found out that this video is not available on mobile devices.  :(  You should be able to view it on your PC/Mac.

Until next time....
joY & gratitude,

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