Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh Boy... I'm Late! I'm Late! {ICAD 2014 Weekly Wrap Up #3: Cards 15-21}

Oh man!  What in the world happened?  I was just starting to feel as though I was getting into the swing of things.  You know, um, blogging more regularly.  It didn't take long to fall back into the old pattern of "I'll do it tomorrow."

Or, I'll do it after I finish this or that or the other.

I've been keeping relatively busy trying to learn new mixed media techniques, writing in other places, designing a completely new planner (it's nothing much like last year's planner), #icad, making "inchies" and other art projects dedicated to a variety of trades and, lastly, spending time with my daughter while she's home for summer break.

New things are a coming soon!  In the mean time, let's play a little catchup!  Here are my week three #icad cards.

a little zentangle practice using PITT pens.  doing this really-really-really relaxes me.

a handmade sticker, doodled flower colored with Copic Ciao markers.

i love-love-love making these one-staple collages.  

like i said.  :)  i just pick some scraps at random, layer them and staple.  this one includes some rubber stamping (Stampin' Up!)

i've been experimenting with making number dots for creative planners.  some of these didn't make the cut.  those that have are in my Etsy Shop!  

doodles over a random, watercolor background.  

lastly, another doodle.  i create most of my #icad (s) while watching tv late at night.
I hope this finds you having a wonderful weekend and looking forward to creating wonderful magic in the coming week!  I'll be back soon!


joY & gratitude,

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