Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Art Loft Tour, 2014

I recently made the time to clean my play room up enough to shoot some video and give you a little tour of my space.  It amazes me sometimes how much stuff I have crammed into this rather small space and I didn't take the time to open every nook and cranny.  Just imagine every drawer and canvas cubby full of stuff.  What stuff?  All kinds of stuff that I'll let you use your imagination to fill.

My art island and my computer desk are both standing work stations.  I do not function well sitting down.  Both are painted plywood atop cube storage systems.  My, um, writing desk, is a sitting desk and was the first desk I painted.  Usually it is home to piles and projects in waiting.  It's an old scrapbooking desk that had seen its share of goo.

Above my six and half foot bookcases is my wall of inspiration.  I still have some room to add a bit more and fully intend on doing so.  Beaded wire hangs along both sides, with shorter strands on one of the walls and across one of the bookcases to hold cards, gifts and special words from friends.  Some of the art hanging are works in progress and some are art journal pages from friends waiting for the journal to return from its travels.

And all that wash tape.  Yeah, that's not all of it.  :)

So here we go.  This was my very first venture into the world of iMovie.  I'm sure eventually I'll get the hang of it.  I actually think I did a pretty good job considering I had no idea what in the universe I was doing.  :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Rest assured it's not clean anymore.  LOL.

Have a great day!!

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